Welcome to my public speaking page.

I have delivered over 50 transformational cloud, custom development, DevOps and collaboration projects for companies ranging from household names to small shops. I am a regular speaker at conferences and corporate events, as well as more intimate settings like user groups, meetups and community events.

Feel free to explore my past presentations below and to book me for your event, contact me at joe.mack@transphormtech.com

Modern Release Patterns and Practices: Driving Toward DevOps Excellence

Target: All IT, PMO, Anyone Wanting to Learn About DevOps in the Enterprise

Abstract: If you ask five people, "What is DevOps?", you will often get five different answers, even if those people are all on the same team! This talk will answer that question, in the words of a bona fide DevOps Transformation Coach, dispel a few misconceptions about DevOps, and present a step-by-step approach for a DevOps transformation for a fictional company.

We will highlight common business drivers, pain points, planning a transformational DevOps journey, and using the latest patterns and practices to achieve operational excellence.

Are You Building Leaders, Scapegoats or Chumps?

Target: All Leaders

Abstract: Are you empowering your subordinate leaders in the two areas that matter most? Let Joe Mack show you how to better protect your company and ensure future success by building better leaders through the proper delegation of authority and responsibility. Ideally suited for a management off-site or corporate retreat, you will learn a simple device to evaluate your corporate culture of empowerment (or lack thereof) as well as individual supervisor-subordinate relationships. You will also learn several time-tested techniques for better empowering your subordinate leaders.

Effective Communication Over Corporate Email

Target: All Employees

Abstract: Likelihood that your company is using email correctly? 0%. Likelihood that it is going to fix itself. 0% once again. Face it, email sucks. But for just about every company in the world, email is the preferred, and often only, method of official communication. It ain't going anywhere. So, why not try to make it better? Best suited for a management off-site or corporate retreat, this presentation will dispel several myths about email and corporate communication in general, as well as teach you and your team some simple techniques for using email as a better tool to maximize effectiveness, time management and corporate communication. Most companies invite Joe to their event and have him give both this presentation and "Are You Building Leaders, Scapegoats or Chumps?"

Azure Development - Nuts to Soup to Nuts

Target: Architects and Developers

Abstract: This presentation starts with a demo of an end-to-end cloud application that is deployed on Microsoft Azure. After the demo, we will break down the components and redeploy the environment piece-by-piece. We'll create, build and deploy a front end web site, decoupled API and backend data store. During the exercise of wiring up all of the components, we will show multiple deployment tools and scenarios supported by Azure, including one-click deployment from Visual Studio, Git deployment from the command line and automated deployment upon code check-in to Azure DevOps (formerly Visual Studio Team Services).

Winning the Cloud

Target: IT Leadership

Abstract: You know that some form of cloud adoption or hybrid architecture is a must. You need to realize the efficiencies of the cloud ASAP. But in order to justify continued investment and look like the hero you are, you need to start on a winning streak. Your first foray into the cloud cannot be anything but an unmitigated success. Learn how to choose the right first project, where to save money and where NOT to save money. Join Joe Mack as he shares his lessons learned from real world cloud implementations and gives his advice for Winning the Cloud.

LinkedIn - You're Doing It Wrong!

Target: All Employees

Abstract: This presentation is a sometimes irreverant romp through a list of the most common LinkedIn "fails" that most people are doing and that keep them from achieving maximum benefit from the world's preeminent business social networking tool. Joe will cover what to do, what not to do, how to do it and how to get the most out of the community. This presentation has been given to just about every conceivable business or technology audience and is always a hit!

API Field of Dreams

Target: IT Leadership, Enterprise Architects

Abstract: When it comes to your APIs, if you have a strong brand, the "Field of Dreams" theory applies - if you build it (an API), they (developers) will come. But if you do not build it correctly, with developers in mind at every turn, they will not stay, and they will not come back. If you follow the common sense design principles in this presentation, you will build your API such that developers will want to use it time after time. Anything less is worse than not having an API in the first place. Let Joe share the design principles he has developed over more than a decade of architecting and implementing service-oriented solutions.